About the Book


The study of my Soul-Master’s and my Mind-Master’s teachings has expanded my development to such a wonderful awareness and happiness that has improved my life so much that I would like to share it with you. I have included the study of myself as a child and of my parents, as we need to know where we are and the experience we have with us before we move forward to our ideal Love-Relationship; and I have found out that there are three major types of children and they have parents and an environment that are more or less developed than they are. With this understanding about ourselves before we study how we can create our Ideal Love-Relationship we are very well equipped to deal with our own paradigm (multitude of habits) before we have to deal with somebody else’s paradigm that has nothing to do with our old habits of thinking, feeling and behavior. When we
want to live our ideal Love-Relationship we want to be free from our old paradigm (multitude of habits) and negative behavior as much as possible because we don’t want our old paradigm to stop us from being happy with our loving spouse in our ideal Love- Relationship.

We have to have a developing period within ourselves before we create and go into our ideal Love-Relationship and identify ourselves and where we are. ’The exercises of the heart’ will help us to heal our heart and move out of our false comfort zone so that we can rest comfortably in our true comfort zone as a base before we create our ideal Love-Relationship.

  • We get to study ’The Science Of Universal Living’ and
    understand that this is an orderly universe with major
    Magics (Laws).
  •  We study ’The Seven Magic Goal Steps To Success’ to learn
    how to develop our lasting ideal Love-Relationship and stay
    in love in the playful infatuation.
  • We learn the power of gratitude and forgiveness and
    working with our Negative Emotions, Peaceful Emotions and
    Positive Emotions.
  • We also learn the difference between a Soul-Mate and a
    Karma-Mate and the difference between a Spiritual Love-
    Life and a Worldly Love-Life.