About the Author

”I found out that when I can prioritize and combine my own spiritual development coupled with my ideal LOVE-Relationship I am the happiest person I can possibly be.”

Shantiom Mumtaz Mahal

Shantiom Mumtaz Mahal was born and lives in Sweden. As she was the only child and her parents had several supermarkets she automatically started to work in her parents stores at a very young age and has continued it ever since.

But on the side she has educated herself and was quite active in the politics in her local and regional area and even at a young age she could see results of her actions in the society. Major things like for example free media and free choice of school for children were accepted by the parliament and government.

All her life she has been surrounded by animals, at first dogs and cats and when she had her own home and family all the extra animals where added like rabbits, horses, a parrot, fish, more cats and more dogs, which has really been an education in itself.

It has also been a fantastic experience for her to be a part of her family and experience the children’s growth and her own, where karate has been an important common hobby for the whole family. Ballet and instruments have also played an important role in their lives.

From her early childhood her mother and grandmother have shared their great knowledge and love for gardening with her which she also has used a lot during her life.

Later on she has been educated in Polarity Therapy, Iridology, and Esoteric Science.

For many years Shantiom has been following the teachings of a perfect living Soul-Master which has greatly enriched her life.

In 2005 she started attending seminars with Bob Proctor, since then she has been educated as a LifeSuccess Consultant and attended several seminars and Matrixxs’s. She is also a certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant.

And she continues to study Bob Proctor’s teachings and shares her knowledge with other people through books, webinars, seminars, speaches, videos, social media etc.