Shantiom Mumtaz Mahal:

To live successfully in a Love-Relationship and to keep it successful is a conscious choice where we choose to move upward in the creative, positive, audible life stream.


Shantiom can teach you how to flourish and bloom in your Love-Relationship with the right sparkle of LOVE, you can be the most incredible woman or man in the world and create the most magical Love-Relationship ever.

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Radiate LOVE to everyone around you be learning to canalize the LOVE from within and discard every unnecessary habit and paradigm.
I want you to experience the magic of living in your Ideal Love- Relationship.
When we practice ’The Seven Magic Goal Steps To Success’ in our Love-Relationship we can experience the Magic of remaining IN LOVE in THE PLAYFUL INFATUATION (passion).

Negative, neutral and positive emotions get another meaning to us, and we can experience a paradigm shift by getting to know more about our own and our Love-Mates emotions.

It’s an ongoing process where you try to take your Love-Relationship to a higher level of development where it becomes happier, more loving and more romantic among other positive things and in other words a Successful ideal Love-Relationship.