Shantiom Mumtaz Mahal is a Proctor Gallagher Consultant:

Shantiom can teach you how to create, realize and transform your life into your most successful ideal.


When you choose her as your mentor, coach and teacher you get to discover what you REALLY want, and then you go for it!

Shantiom can teach you how to flourish and bloom in your Love-Relationship with the right sparkle of LOVE, you can be the most incredible woman or man in the world and create the most magical Love-Relationship ever.

Radiate LOVE to everyone around you be learning to canalize the LOVE from within and discard every unnecessary habit and paradigm.

When we practice ’The Seven Magic Goal Steps To Success’ in our Love-Relationship we can experience the Magic of remaining IN LOVE in THE PLAYFUL INFATUATION (passion).

Negative, neutral and positive emotions get another meaning to us, and we can experience a paradigm shift by getting to know more about our own and our Love-Mates emotions.

It’s an ongoing process where you try to take your Love-Relationship to a higher level of development where it becomes happier, more loving and more romantic among other positive things and in other words a Successful ideal Love-Relationship.